Australian/New Zealand Pathways

Student Visas

• Duration of stay depends on course

• We have partnerships with various colleges that specialize in business & vocational courses.

• Also available: flexible study & affordable payment options 

• With campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Townsville, Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington & Queenstown.





Internationally, Canada has become to be known as the Land of the Immigrants as the country has boasted benefits of quality education, healthcare and lifestyle.

With this in mind, Lager International Consultants, along with offering services for immigration, also promotes the investment of education in such a progressive country. With partners in schools across the Canadian terrain, the company can ensure that the clients will not only have the best education, but a brighter future.


Lager can offer its clients the chance to make their ambitions and dreams a reality. The chance to e

As a representative of colleges and universities located in different cities like Dublin and Cork in Ireland, Lager International can offer its clients the chance to make their ambitions and dreams a reality. The chance to experience Ireland in all its Irish charm is close at hand.



Paris, the city of lights and the city of love, the dream destination for many travellers, artists, lovers, and adventurers. Elegant and sophisticated, roguish and debonair, Paris lies in all its splendour at the heart of Northern Europe, where we can offer a unique Parisian experience of a lifetime.

London, United Kingdom


Explore, learn and experience the great city of London! 

London offers more than just a chance—it offers a lifetime investment, and that is Education. Lager International Consultants Co. has partners in universities and in colleges all over London and the United Kingdom, and the company acts as an educational consultant between the school and the students.

Pave your way to a better future and live the life of your dreams in London!



Become a Chef in the romantic lands of Italy!

Lager International Consultants represent a well-established and respected culinary academy in Italy, a highly-esteemed institution whose instructors are the country’s most acclaimed chefs.

Walk the road of connoisseurs—be a chef!



With globalization take a sure hold of the world today, competition to achieve that dream has become near impossible, unless the right investment is made.

With connections to universities all over the USA like New York and Washington, all of which offer a great many courses of interest, the immigration consultancy can provide an interested client the chance to take that first step to living that American Dream.